Whether you are looking for a loving family companion to hang out around the house, go for car rides and on hikes or are looking for a great friend & candidate for agility, fly ball, obedience or service work (therapy, tracking) you have come to the right place. Our dogs were chosen for their great temperament and learning ability. All our dogs have either attained, or will attain,their CGC's (Canine Good Citizens Certs) and are used in therapy work. Some are in training for obedience and/or agility and some being shown in AKC Conformation towards their Championships. Not only do we strive for great temperament, but also for proper structure and excellent health. All our dogs are fully health tested before breeding.

We expect to have one to two possible litters a year. It is very important to us that the pups get plenty of one on one attention so each are emotionally ready for their forever, loving homes.
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We LOVE the Standard Poodle and if you are here, then you also must love the breed or are here to learn more about them.
1) Do you have time to spend with your dog? The Standard Poodle is very calm and well behaved in the house, but needs the opportunity to run and play daily. They absolutely need human interaction and mental stimulation.

2) The Standard Poodle has a sensitive, loving disposition. They do not do well with a heavy hand. They take corrections to heart, so all that is needed is mild, consistent training.

3) Are you looking for a hypo-allergenic breed? Well, than this is the perfect one for you!

4) Do you like to brush & groom your dog? Although the poodle's coat is low shedding, they need to be brushed to keep the coat from becoming matted from the shed hairs and keep their skin healthy. Also, they need to have a bath about once a month. They do not get the typical "doggy" smell but because they have hair like humans do, instead of fur, there hair does need regular cleaning.
5) The Standard Poodle ABSOLUTELY needs to have their coat trimmed monthly or six weeks to keep them tidy and their coats manageable and clean. You will need to find a good groomer or can learn to groom your new friend yourself. It is not hard and the time spent doing it is a good bonding time.

6) The Standard Poodle loves to play fetch, go on hikes, go swimming and go for car rides. They are perfect camping, hiking companions.

7) Because of their love for the outdoors and desire to please their owner, they do well in all types of dog sports, i.e., obedience, rally, tracking, agility, ski-joring, to name a few; and even have been trained for herding. Their intelligence allows them to be very versatile.
A show prospect puppy is a puppy from a litter that excells to the Breed Standard in structure & show attitude and could compete in the show ring. A pet puppy is one that may have a structural aspect that would not allow it to be competative in the ring. Other than that, both show and pet puppies have the same wonderful temperament, trainability and healthy constitution. Both come with the same health guarentees, the same puppy packets and the same lifetime support from Wispynook Poodles. A pet puppy MUST be spay/neutered
What is the difference between a show prospect puppy and a pet puppy?
ALL of our puppies are sold as pets on a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise agreed upon to a show home.
Our poodles are loved family members. If you would like to know more about us or our dogs, please follow the links above.
We Currently do not have puppies
We are planning a repeat breeding with Angel to Jordan in November with pups ready to go home in March/April.
We DO NOT condone cross breeding Poodles with other breeds to make doodle crosses. Please DO NOT ask us for any !
For those waiting , the breeding of Song to Quincy did not produce puppies.